2021: A Year in Review

At this time of year the internet is full of declarations of success. Of pride and self-congratulation in all sorts of achievements, personal and professional. Of course, when you work for yourself and don’t have the luxury of reviews, pay rises, bonuses or other acknowledgements of your success or milestones, you really do have to ‘be your own cheerleader’.

But while it would be easy to list memorable moments, achievements, client wins, coverage achieved and more in a reflection of the year, it’s occurred to me that nobody really will be bothered about what EMPR has been up to, or what this solo PR consultant is proud of, except me.

So while it’s been a wonderful year of building relationships with local organisations like Warwick Chamber of Trade, Coventry BID and Destination Coventry, copywriting for some interesting clients, and undertaking big one-off projects like the launch of the Teacher Wellbeing Report 2021 for Education Support, as well as charity work for Band of Builders, this post won’t go any further than that.

Ellen Manning

Instead, looking back on 2021 the central theme that comes to me is gratitude. A cliché perhaps, but there’s no escaping it. While most year in review or reflection posts are full of pride and self-praise, I firmly believe that nothing I’ve achieved as a one-man band would ever be possible without the help of others.

It’s not secret that 2021 has been a challenge for most of us, and without support and help from colleagues, friends and family EMPR wouldn’t have done half of what it has. This year has seen EMPR collaborate more with other freelancers, team up with like-minded businesses whose values align with mine and whose skills and services not only complement those offered by EMPR, but also inspire and augment what I do.

It’s been a year where I’ve realised that there’s still so much further to go, so much more to learn, and so many improvements to make. But in the meantime, to my clients, my colleagues, those I’ve collaborated in, and those who have championed me, supported me and had faith in EMPR to deliver what you need, THANK YOU!

Here’s to 2022!