Warwick coverage

Global coverage for Warwick’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Warwick has a history of celebrating national events in its own unique way and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was no exception. While Jubilee events were ten-a-penny and competition high to gain coverage, the appetite for coverage locally and nationally also meant opportunity.

The town’s council and Warwick Chamber of Trade planned and organised a huge community event in its Market Square complete with music through the ages and local businesses providing food and drink. Alongside this, the creation of a corgi trail by local business Peeli Printing also provided an added USP to attract both visitors to the town, as well as potential media coverage.

Warwick coverage

EMPR worked with the Chamber of Trade and Town Council to promote Warwick’s Jubilee event, with coverage appearing in national publications including the Guardian and Mail Online ahead of the event, as well as extensive local coverage. In addition, EMPR organised visits from photographers from Reuters and a reporter and photographer from the Press Association, which saw coverage of Warwick extend across the global, in publications from the Mail Online and Guardian to the Washington Post and media in Australia and New Zealand.

I’m a firm believer in working with clients on ideas that are manageable, effective and achieve results. Nothing is guaranteed, but a combination of established contacts in the national media, the ability to identify a story, the persistence in making it work and providing the media with what they need, plus a good pinch of luck and good fortune can often get results.