National coverage for Warwick as part of work with BuyIn2Warwick

I’m delighted to have been contracted for 12 months to help promote Warwick as a destination on the national stage. So often overlooked compared to its headline-grabbing neighbours of Stratford-upon-Avon or Birmingham, Warwick has been on my doorstep my whole life.

Despite that, I’ve been as guilty as other of overlooking this beautiful, historic town that’s packed with great independent food and drink options and shops, plenty of green space, the racecourse and much more. And if how great it is has passed me by slightly when it’s half an hour down the road, how are people around the country supposed to know about it?


With that in mind, I’ve been hired by the Chamber of Trade in Warwick, otherwise known as BuyIn2Warwick, to help promote Warwick on the national stage. We started with a short-term effort to get the word out ahead of the April 12th reopening, which saw Warwick businesses included in national coverage and images of Kelly Boad opening her hair salon at midnight for her first cut in months going global in media across the world courtesy of Reuters. Warwick also had a visit from Bloomberg, with images from the town hitting the media in the UK and beyond.

Since then we’ve worked together to continue to promote the town, from its share of the ERDF to help high streets recover post-COVID, which has been covered in regional business press and the local media, as well as taking advantage of opportunities within the media including the Independent and Talk Radio. We also organised a press trip for London Unattached who published this great piece on Warwick as a destination.

I often bang on about PR – especially in 2021 – being about far more than just press releases, hence us working on a whole range of outreach from press releases and news stories to reactive responses, social media and more. That included putting together a promotional video on the food and drink offering in Warwick, in which yours truly did a little bit of presenting given that one of my other ‘hats’ is local food blogger and food write. You can check it out below.

My work is just the beginning. with plenty more plans in the pipeline, and I can’t wait to work to promote a town I love even more over the next 12 months.