Say it with snowdrops: Putting Warwick on the map

Sometimes PR isn’t quite as straightforward as plugging an event or announcement. Promoting a place or business can often be more subtle – getting it mentioned as part of the conversation, and creating coverage that is somewhat evergreen and longstanding.

Which is why when EMPR is working alongside Warwick Chamber of Trade and Warwick Town Council to promote the town as a tourist destination, we look at a range of ways we can do that, from news ‘hooks’ to destination reviews, events, and more.

SnowdropsAnd so to snowdrops. In spring various publications love to point us in the direction of places to see snowdrops, and Warwick just happens to boat an impressive collection at its historic Hill Close Gardens.

It might not be a news story or event, but Warwick’s inclusion in several national publications as being among the places in the UK to see snowdrops puts it on the map and ensures it’s in people’s consciousness – not just for snowdrops but as a destination town with at least one historic site to visit.

The hope was that people would come to visit the snowdrops, of course, helped by strong local coverage. But also that Warwick would stay in their consciousness and the town will receive visits from people who remember spotting it as a possible destination and book as a consequence – snowdrops or no snowdrops…..


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